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A: Actually, the sooner we chat, the better! I may have some suggestions to save you significant time and effort.
A: All of my work is customized to you and your needs. After we have an initial conversation, I will prepare a quote range for you. I can also work with a set budget where I will tell you how much I can do for that investment.
A: For slide design, I can typically turn around a moderate slide deck (50-75 slides) in a couple of days. However if my schedule is booked out and you are in a pinch, I do have a “PLEASE HELP ME” rate for overnight turnaround.
A: For coaching work, nothing. For slide design work, I’ve worked off a literal cocktail napkin sketch to a word document to existing slides.
A: You are my ideal client! Let’s chat and I will tell you why.


A: I try to schedule my workshops either monthly or quarterly, PLEASE email or text me if you are interested in something sooner. I am always happy to add a date!
A: I will never hold your feet to the fire! For online programs, you can cancel for a full refund at any time. For in-person programs, I will provide a cancellation deadline and then refund everything except for hard costs I can’t recoup.
A: Every workshop I do is customized for the people who are signed up. I’ve had brand new speakers say they were so glad to start off armed with such great tips, and professional speakers say they wished they had taken this course sooner

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