Formulate A Winning Presentation

By Margy Schaller

Compose a talk with impact

Formulate A Winning Presentation guides you through the process of developing meaningful content that delivers comprehension and clarity. It also includes over 50 real-life before and after slides to help you learn design elements that will grip your audience. Best of all is the insider’s view on how some of the industry’s leading dental speakers and consultants approach lectures through their personal stories, tips and lessons.

What you will learn with this Book


Learn about types of speaking opportunities


Discover your Speaker Style℠


Clarify your primary message


Slide design elements that will wow your audience


The 5 step process from idea to outline


Stories, Tips and Lessons from the experts

"After reading Margy Schaller’s Formulate a Winning Presentation I have only one complaint: why couldn’t she write this 7 years ago when I first started speaking on a regular basis? This book has so many valuable pointers to help the seasoned speaker, the novice and everyone in between. Why rediscover the wheel when Margy will have you zooming at highway speed in no time?"
Dr. Ed Zuckerberg
Owner, Painless Social Media, LLC
Dentist, Palo Alto, CA
"Over the past two years, I've seen a dramatic improvement in the presentations delivered at the top dental meetings. The supporting visual elements are more engaging and evoke a stronger response from audiences. The bar has been raised and only now am I realizing that it was Margy who raised it! This book is a must read for anyone who wants to make a lasting impact as a presenter!"
Bonnie Hixson
Founder & Publisher, The Progressive Dentist
Network & Magazine
"This book has practical tips for speakers of every level, whether you speak at your study club, as a sales person or from the major podiums. Margy has combined speaker interviews, beautiful visuals and a deep understanding of the dental professional and speaker to make this a must read."
Dr. Pedro Franco
President of ACOMS
Founder and Owner of Bitelock
Oral Maxillofacial Surgeon, Irving, TX
"A book like this is long overdue in dentistry. Margy's process helps us focus on our purpose, get clarity in our message, and ultimately help our audience make good decisions and retain our content. This includes a powerful case for when and why visuals matter and how to use them with intention."
Naomi Rhode, RDH, CSP, CPAE
Speaker Hall of Fame; Past President National
Speakers Association; Past President Global
Speakers Association
Co-founder SmartPractice
"Margy was the one who helped me turn my presentation from mediocrity to magic. She was just what I needed to help guide me to the final steps. Her recommendations were spot on after building several presentations from the ground up. I highly recommend her process to take your presentation to the next level."
Tonya Lanthier, RDH Founder and CEO

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A word from the Author

This book is for you, the speaker. Whether you are new or experienced, I hope you will find nuggets you can use on how to write a compelling talk, design presentations for new and existing talks, and succeed in the speaking business. I will leave the podium skills’ training to others and focus solely on the preparation stage of this process.

Everything I teach is connected to knowing our purpose, our “why”. My “why” is about paying forward the mentoring and support I received from some amazing people. I hope this book supports you in your quest to become your very best self.

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