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Using our focused system and brain science tools, our STRATEGIC CONTENT COACHING and ADVANCED PRESENTATION COACHING will enable you to achieve the impact and results you seek on the platform, from the podium, or in a pitch.

Whether your speaking career spans decades or months, reach out to us if you would like:

Step one: Strategic Content Coaching for new or existing presentations

Ace Your Presentation with our online content development program or contact us for custom private coaching.

  1. Determine what outcome you want.
  2. Tame the "IDEA MONSTER".
  3. Write or refine your content.

As an added bonus, we will design 2 slides as inspiration for your full slide deck.

Content Coaching is typically delivered in two phone sessions over a 30 day period but may be customized for your needs.

Step two: Advanced Presentation Coaching For your Signature Presentation

Use NEUROSCIENCE-based tools, our ADVANCED PRESENTATION COACHING will enable you to refine your presentation for maximum impact and results.

  1. Further refine the results you seek.
  2. Identify audience hurdles.
  3. Create a pathway to move your audience from decision into action.
  4. Ensure participants remember the right key points.
  5. Place action triggers into your presentation to jog their prospective memory.
  6. Use visual communication principles to drive home the results.

Advanced Coaching is typically delivered in a series of phone sessions over several months but may be customized for your needs.

"Margy has a knack for asking questions that help me shift from what I think is important to the essential things my audience really needs. I honestly didn't realize what an impact it would make to work with a gifted content coach! The results have been magical."

JoAn Majors, Speaker & Author

People act on what they remember, not on what they forget.

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