WOW Slide Design

Start Time

12:00 am

December 28, 2020

Finish Time

12:00 am

December 29, 2020

After all the work you put into creating a stellar talk, do you really want to settle for slides you throw together at the last minute? The problem is that no matter how good your content is, visuals are how the brain assimilates and retains information. So, if you want better audience engagement, more clarity in your message and lasting results, this 3-part series will equip you with everything you need to supercharge your slides.

Part I: Maximize Your Message with PowerPoint
Do you know how to turn bullet lists into beautiful boxes? Convert mismatched fonts with a click of a button? Set up your slide master for a uniform look? In this 90 min hands-on workshop, learn essential nuts and bolts of PowerPoint that instantly take your slides from ordinary to WOW-werful.

Part II: Creating the WOW factor with Advanced PowerPoint Skills
Have you ever wondered how people turn stock photos into something captivating? Or have things move around on their slides in a seemingly magical way? In this 90 min hands-on workshop, you will learn time-saving tips and little-known design tricks that will have you saying, “WOW, had no idea I could do that in PowerPoint!”

Part III: Past the Pretty Slides: Fueling Your Influence with the Neuroscience of Design
Great presentations involve far more than just making pretty slides –slides can make or break how well people will be able to remember your content.
Regardless of what software you use, learn how to make design choices that will (a) enhance the comprehension of your concepts, (b) leverage how the brain remembers and retrieves information, and then (c) drive the results you want. Throughout this 6-hour workshop, you will practice each skill as you learn to make intentional choices that will make your audience say “WOW”!

When you attend all 3 workshops, you will be able to:
* Build out your PowerPoint toolbox to maximize your options and minimize your frustrations.
* Examine each design element (visuals, font, color, layout and movement) and how each one affects the learning process.
* Learn design trends, no-nos, and how intentional design choices can help reinforce your message.
* Explore how the brain receives, processes, retains and retrieves information. This knowledge can be applied to design choices to supercharge your effectiveness!
* Practice design skills and collaboratively coach each other.
* Combine new knowledge to drive results and make your audience say “WOW”!

Part I: 90 mins, $125
Part II: 90 mins, $175
Part III: 6 hours, $500

Parts II + III: $550 (20% savings)
Parts I, II & III: $600 (25% savings)

This course will typically be scheduled for Part I on a Thurs evening, Part II on a Friday evening and Part III on Saturday.


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